Raymond Landry, lawyer

Areas of practice:

  • General: commercial law, family law, civil law, and criminal law.
  • Specialization: Workmen’s Compensation (CSST), Automobile Insurance (SAAQ), Disability Benefits (QPP), Group or Individual Disability Insurance, Medical and Dental Liability.

Some general accomplishments:

  • Raymond Landry has handled several specialized cases involving complex medical issues, which often required recourse to medico-legal expertise, especially in the fields of orthopedics, neurology, and psychiatry.
  • Several appearances in Court before administrative tribunals vested with a specialized jurisdiction along with expert witnesses such as doctors, psychologists, and occupational therapists in front of benches made up of commissioners and assessing physicians.
  • He upholds a productive and cooperative network of clients, public servants, and experts.
  • Many of the cases for which he has acted have been recorded in law books.
  • Publication of numerous articles on judicial review.
  • Guest speaker at automobile insurance seminars.
  • Mr. Landry is also a member of Toastmaster's International, an organization dedicated to the art of public speaking.