CSST - bottom fishing in shallow waters

The worker suffered an accident in the workplace in which he received a blow on the head without losing consciousness.  This worker claimed a recurrence, relapse or aggravation diagnosed as post-concussion syndrome.

As its name indicates, this diagnosis implies a concussion and since it involves cognitive impairment becomes a cerebral concussion, as the brain is the center of thought.  Concussion means shock; therefore there has to have been loss of or at least an altered state of consciousness for a post-concussion to appear.

The worker’s claim has no basis; nevertheless this worker settled with the employer who was not represented by a lawyer, but rather by a specialized firm, accepting a modest amount of money in exchange for withdrawing his claim.  The money he accepted was still high enough that he had some left in his pocket after paying his lawyer.

There is no guarantee that such an approach works every time, but sometimes you have to take the opportunity when it arises.  There are all kinds of motivations that may encourage an employer to settle.

In this case what has worked?

Ignorance of the employer or the bluff of the worker?

Only God knows but the devil is in doubt.