Are you a victim...

of a work accident or road accident?

Are you suffering from an insured disability preventing you from working?

For example...

  • CSST states that I should be able to weld filing cabinets even though I can no longer lift heavy objects.
  • Everyday, I contemplate suicide knowing that I will never be the same as I was before the accident. CSST claims that this has no bearing on my condition.
  • The SAAQ sent me back to my hair salon with a fractured wrist.
  • My insurer will not pay my mortgage even though I need crutches to walk.
  • Other cases mentioned as examples under the section Case Studies.

Whatever your case, Raymond Landry

  • Understand it and knows how to win it.
  • Acts fast.
  • Can identify the seemingly unimportant details
  • Is affordable.

Raymond Landry has pleaded hundreds of cases, just like yours, and won!

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